The project for year seven students is titled    I@world

During the year you will explore different ways of drawing, painting and developing ideas and composing mixed media outcomes.

You  will explore the work of Hundertwasser , Basquiat  and Dubuffet and  this will help you develop a theoretic and practical understanding of their work.

The project for year eight you will focus on the design process. You will explore objects from a wide range of cultures exploring  patterns shapes and colours. You will develop an understanding of repeat pattern using traditional hand drawn methods and ICT.( Using Abobe Photoshop).

You will also explore and develop  sculpture  using their own research into animal forms and the artwork of Julie Arkell

You are studing Street Art and Graffiti and the built environment.

During the year you will produce-

A printed image based upon Wadsworths prints  TERM 1

A marker pen outcome based upon Haring TERM 2

A painted spray-painted image based upon Banksy TERM 3

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